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It is time to upgrade from your current sink trap. The concept is simple: microscopic pieces of precious metals, often too small for the naked eye, are washed down your drain every day. If you're not properly capturing them, you're literally washing profits away. The Jewelers Best Friend will more then pay for itself the first time you send in your bottle for refining.


That's why the Jeweler's Best Friend is a necessity in every jewelry store and jewelry repair shop. Even if you're simply steam cleaning, pouring ultrasonic down the drain or polishing gold, silver, and platinum, you're sending these valuable metals down the drain. The Jeweler's Best Friend installs in minutes, doesn't require a plumber, and makes it easy to capture those valuable metals.


When you're ready to recover your precious metals, the patented Jeweler's Best Friend is like no other sink trap in the world. You just drain the unit using the built-in valve, then unscrew and cap the collection vessel and replace with 2nd collection vessel (included in kit). This takes 90 seconds. No mess. No smell. No backed-up drains. You owe it to your bottom line - it is time to upgrade to the patented Jeweler's Best Friend!

Jewelers Best Friend

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