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 The Jewelers' Best Friend

This patented sink trap has been tested and proven to be extremely effective in capturing even the smallest precious metal particulates and preventing them from going out your waste line. Did you know that refiners regularly recover precious metals from the

paper towels that jewelers use to dry their hands? Imagine what is going down your drain! The Jewelers' Best Friend is the answer to this problem.


It installs in minutes to your existing plumbing with NO PLUMBER NECESSARY!


This device replaces the numerous ineffective traps on the market that allow the small particulates to escape down your waste line. Some of the tasks that jewelers perform each day that result in lost metals include washing their hands, steam-cleaning jewelry, pouring ultra-sonic solutions down the drain, etc. Given the tough times our jewelry industry has faced over the last few years, this loss of your profits must be eliminated! 


Every kit comes with (2) bottles so you always have a replacement bottle on hand when it comes time to refine. No mess! No smell! FREE lifetime replacement bottles each time you refine!

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